On the Memorial

The California State SAR Program, consisting of the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services, 58 County Sheriff's Offices, and all State and Federal SAR cooperator agencies, wishes to honor and memorialize its SAR Volunteers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice: those who died in the line of duty so "Others May Live."
In the United States, we do an admirable job of properly honoring and memorializing our paid, full-time peace officers and firefighters who die in the line of duty. Yet we fail to recognize, properly honor, and memorialize fallen SAR Volunteers. Our SAR Volunteers are those who unselfishly go out day or night, in any weather, and though hazardous terrain, to risk their lives to search for and rescue those who fall victim to the wilderness environment.  SAR Volunteers do this from the heart, to help others, without compensation. Volunteerism is the most commendable thing a person can do, especially when the volunteering includes taking risks, which may lead to injury or death as is common within SAR. When a SAR volunteer dies while providing heroic and noble services, they deserve to be properly honored and memorialized.
The California State SAR Memorial Project has been created to construct and maintain a memorial, upon or near the California State Capitol, where fallen SAR Volunteers, who courageously perish during a search and rescue mission or training, will be properly honored and memorialized.
The iconic symbol of the California State SAR Memorial Project is planned to be a replica of Half Dome (see draft mock up art included on this website).  Half Dome is a national landmark within California’s Yosemite National Park, and it has been the site for many Search and Rescue missions.  As a result, it seemed most proper to be the icon for the SAR memorial.
Legislation was approved to erect a SAR memorial within the “Capitol District” and efforts are currently underway to work with the Department of General Services and Capitol Grounds to hopefully identify a location near the existing Law Enforcement and Firefighters memorials.
Although we have the support of legislation to erect a tribute to the fallen SAR Volunteers, we still have a few hurdles to clear.  First, we must await a state requirement of an approved Capitol Grounds plan, which must be enacted before any more memorials can be erected. Second, we need to find the funding to build and maintain the memorial.  As a result, fundraising is underway to begin this project as soon as it is authorized by Capitol Grounds.
Please help today by donating to the SAR Memorial fund.