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TRBC 2011 Weekend #1

!2 SAR members representing SB Mountain SAR, West Valley Posse, West Valley SAR, Wrightwood/Phelan SAR, and the Cave Team spent the first of two weekends deeply entrenched in the art and science of technical rope rescue. The next weekend session includes plenty of rescue scenarios followed by a written and practical exam. During the interim weeks, the students are busy studying and practicing for these events.



PVS Class in March

SB Mountain SAR is hosting a PVS class for 3 weeks in March, finishing with a test on March 27. TRBC is around the corner in April, so if you are looking to take TRBC, this is your opportunity to take care of the PVS requirement.

The PVS class runs Tuesdays and Thursdays, beginning March 8th, from 1800-2200hrs. Read the flyer for details.

Contact John Metzger at his email address for more info.


SB Mountain SAR's Day of PVS

Members from Bear Valley, West Valley, San Gorgonio, Victorville SAR, and SB mtn SAR participated in two evening class sessions, a practice session and a certification for PVS. SB mtn SAR would like to thank Dan and Erin Kerr from San G for all their help as well.