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RimSAR, Dive Team Save the Day at the 2011 SoCal Tough Mudder Event 

Sgt. Bryan Lane (Dive Team and RimSAR coordinator), Lynn Rivera (National Ski Patrol) and Donna Newlin (Snow Valley Mt. Resort Risk Manager)Over Memorial Day Weekend,  the Snow Valley Mountain Resort was host to the 2011 SoCal Tough Mudder, an endurance event billed as “a cross between Ironman and Burning Man”.    Entrants run/walk/crawl over a 10-mile course completing a series of pretty insane obstacles, including lake swims, ice baths and even running through a maze of charged electrical wires (not for the faint of heart, zapped Mudders were being knocked to their knees).   As a Snow Valley employee,  I was asked to coordinate the rescue team for this event.  Anticipating that we might need assistance extricating injured Mudders from inaccessible sections of the course,  I asked members of the Rim of the World Search & Rescue Team, as well as the Dive Team, to “stand-by” in case we needed them.  The folks from RimSAR and the Dive Team did a lot of things this past weekend but the one thing they did not do, especially on Sunday,  was “stand-by”.

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Recent PVS Graduates Demonstrate Rope Prowess

SB Mountain SAR , along with members of the Cave and Technical Rescue Team, and Wirghtwood/Phelan SAR, hosted a 6 evening personal vertical skills course. members from Rim of the World SAR, West Valley SAR, West Valley Mounted Posse,  and Dave Nicolet himself, also attended the course. 

Rescue Near San Antonio Falls (7/5-6/2010)

The call for a missing hiker on Baldy came in on the evening of July 5. Derek Rice, Greg Umberg, Eric Spaeth, and Dan Carlson, all of West Valley SAR were the first to respond. More resources were required, so the call went to other teams for assistance. Members of Rim SAR and the Cave Team responded. With Derek Rice running operations, Donna Newlin (Rim SAR) and Robert Misiuk (WV SAR) drew a strenuous assignment and made their way up Goode Canyon and over the ridge to the Sierra Hut Trail. Eric Spaeth and Dan Carlson descended San Antonio Canyon while Greg used a searchlight focused up the canyon. Faint cries for help could be heard in the San Antonio Falls area, but the team descending the canyon halted their descent because of the rock fall hazard, and the unknown location of the subject. 40-King was called to fly the area, but they were also unsuccessful at locating the hiker. Another airship was ordered for "first light" and arrived on scene at 0630 hours the following morning.

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In the morning light, the airship was able to spot the hiker above the fourth set of falls in San Antonio Canyon. 40-King tried, unsuccessfully, to find a one skid LZ, but they were able to contact the subject on the PA to find that he was OK except for an injured leg. Not long after, the 4 Cave Team members arrived at the command post, and were given the most urgent assignment to get into San Antonio Canyon and make contact with the victim.
Our Air Rescue ship was grounded due to fog, so we called LA Air Rescue 5 to see if they could hoist. They were also delayed by the fog, and in the meantime, the Cave team got to within visual and voice distance to the victim just as Air Rescue 5 came on scene to hoist the hiker. The Cave guys made one heck of a try to get to the victim and would have succeeded given another 15min.
After interviewing the subject's wife; a hiker who heard a voice across San Antonio Canyon at 2100 hrs; and another woman who had spoken to three hikers who had actually spoken with subject at the PLS we found that the subject and his wife hiked to the Hut at 1030 hrs and arrived approx. 1230 hrs. The subject wanted to go to Baldy Peakk, but his wife tried to talk him out of it. They had no previous experience. Three hikers told the subject where the trail was and he took off. At approximately 1530 hrs, the three hikers spoke with the subject on the Sierra Hut Trail above the switchbacks as the subject was descending. He didn't know where the trail was and asked them for assistance. Since they were ascending, they told him to wait for other hikers who were descending, and they could help him find his way.




Newlin and ISU Participate in Smiley Park Portly Pot Purge


Donna Newlin of Rim SAR and the Incident Support Unit (ISU) assisted the department's Marijuana Eradication Team with the removal of nearly 5000 plants in Smiley Park. Along with the plants, two suspects in the "garden" were arrested.


A Busy Weekend for Rim SAR


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Mission #1

 Called at 0030 hours for 2 missing hikers in Green Valley Lake area. The detective answering the phone said they were near Tent Peg Campground. Three RimSAR members responded to the CHP office in Running Springs and received orders from our coordinator to follow him to the Crab Flats area. Radio traffic suggested that 2 hikers had been picked up by 40 King but they were not sure if there were still others in the field. By the time we were within a mile of Crab Flats it was confirmed that all missing hikers were accounted for and the mission was 1022’d. Members present Newlin, Fry and Palmer. (Pincus responded but just missed the departure time).

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Rim SAR's Mud Run Adventure


Baldy Rescue 12/23/2009

A hiker lost her footing and tumbled down much of the Baldy Bowl this evening. West Valley SAR responded for the evacuation down the Sierra Hut Trail. A hoist was attempted by a Los Angeles County helicopter, but the hoist malfunctioned, and a second helicopter was summoned. In the meantime, members of West Valley SAR, Wrightwood SAR, Rim SAR, SB Mountain SAR, and the Cave & Technical Rescue Team responded to assist in the litter carry. The second helicopter arrived on scene and was able to hoist the hiker somewhere along the trail as SAR members continued the litter evacuation.

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40-K Locates and Extracts Lost Hiker

This evening, RIM SAR responded to a call for a search for a lost hiker near The Pinnacles northwest of Lake Arrowhead. At first, it was thought to be too windy for 40-K to fly, but while 15 members of the team were enroute, the hiker was found and extracted by the helicopter.


RIM SAR Passes Technical Rope Evaluation

Congratulations to RIM SAR, who successfully passed their rope re-certification on Sunday, October 25. To maintain rope rescue status, teams must pass a certification every two years. The certification process is comprehensive, and includes a gear check as well as a rescue scenario. Members of the Rope Rescue Oversight Committee (RROC) are the evaluators, and they look for a safe and efficient process.  RROC is composed of two members from each rope-certified team. Currently there are five rope-certified teams in San Bernardino County: The Cave & Technical Rescue Team, Rim of the World SAR, San Gorgonio SAR, West Valley SAR, and Wrightwood/Phelan SAR.


Rim SAR Retrieves Missing Hiker on the PCT (9/27/09)

The call came about 1830 Sunday evening that a 67-year-old experienced hiker was missing. He was last seen at the bridge crossing Deep Creek near Splinter’s cabin. He and two companions had planned to hike the Pacific Crest Trail using a car shuttle from Fawnskin to Splinter’s Cabin. He apparently missed the turn-off to the cabin and continued on down the PCT. He was described as wearing a blue bandana, red T-shirt, blue shorts and white running shoes (did I say that his hiking companions were female?) When have you ever had such a complete and accurate description of a hiking ensemble from a male companion? The search planning seemed easy enough the question was how far to extend the coverage, Devil’s Hole, Bradford Ridge Path, the spillway? 40 King was also called the same time as us and was able to locate the subject on the PCT near a bridge. It sounded like it would be the bridge near Devil’s Hole but the possibility of the bridge beyond the Hot Springs was a possibility also. When 40 King mentioned that there was a road near him the Devil’s Hole location seemed the best.

The subject was advised to stay put and that help would be on the way. The team sent to Devil’s Hole found the subject in about 5 minutes with the report that the subject decided not to stay put. It did make the search quicker but we were glad that he didn’t get passed the road and heading all the way back to Splinter’s Cabin. This is the second call out this year in the same location and for the same reason. Seems like a sign indicating the way to Splinter’s Cabin might be helpful.