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Exciting BMC Update!

This year marks a significant change in our Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC). We are running it concurrently with two courses from the National Ski Patrol (NSP). These are the "Avalanche Fundamentals and Rescue" and "Mountain Travel and Rescue Fundamentals" courses. More information can be discovered at . Upon successful completion, a  BMC student will receive a NSP certificate for both courses. In order to accomplish this, the BMC program had to be expanded over our standard course offered in the past. The November lecture time on Saturday will be extended into the evening. The time spent on various activities in the field has been rearranged and extended in order to cover all of the avalanche material. All SAR members, old and new, are encouraged to attend the entire course. As with our standard BMC, only participants completing the entire program will receive the three certifications. All San Bernardino County SAR courses require registration for the event with Dan Whitten via a $50 deposit which will be returned if the participant attends. 


Basic Mountaineering Course Being Updated

The Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) is in the process of being updated. Over the past few months twenty SAR members from nine teams (one out of county) and two VF members have had online discussions about the prerequisites to take BMC, requirements to be an instructor and course design. Fourteen of those individuals met at the Sheriff Office and finalized changes. The updates will occur over the next two years.

For the next BMC, all students must be certified in Personal Vertical Skills (PVS). The due date for this is just prior to the field weekend, January 23-24, 2010. Thus individuals can take the lecture portion on November 21-22, 2009 while learning PVS.

For more information please email Sonny Lawrence, Cave and Technical Rescue Team: canyonear AT gmail DOT com.

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