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Level 2 Avalanche Course

A level 2 Avalanche course is being taught in conjunction with the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort. Cassroom sessions will take place in Southern CA and one of the field sessions will be at the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort with Greg French, the manager of their Avalanche Mitigation team. Greg will also be teaching a Level 2 course and we will be bringing all of our students together as a team to participate in two days of field sessions. Below you will find the details for the course.

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Trip Reports and Mountain Conditions

We have started a new section on the website called "Trip Reports and Mountain Conditions".  The idea is that folks who do stuff in our mountains can give reports that list current snow conditions, weather, avy stuff, etc. as a way to give us data over a longer period for our mountains.  Of course, it is also fun to post trip reports as well and see what everyone is up to.  All I ask is if you do a post from our local mountains, give us any good details with snow, weather, and avy that you find.  The posts show up as an RSS feed on the main page as well and you can do email alerts and subscribe by activity.  Give it a shot, and give us feedback, thanks.

If you want to do a post, go to
Fill out the form.  Be sure to put the location or route in the title as well as the date of the trip.  That will make the search much easier.  You can use the Baldy Bowl post as a sort of demonstration.  You can also upload photos and even do a location on a map.  All the posts have to be verified and approved before they go live.