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Desert Run 2015



It's almost time again for Morongo Basin's annual fundraiser; the "Desert Run". This is our 36th year and the event takes place on the 1st weekend in October. The actual Run this year is on Saturday the 3rd of October but MBSAR members will be preparing all week for this popular event. We have the whole weekend planned for your enjoyment!

We'll have the Morongo Basin Explorer's selling affordable meals along with off-road games such as a vehicle "teeter-totter" competition and an "articulation ramp". There'll also be some vendor sponsored off road exhibits at our "Base Camp". This a family event and not a race and all types of 4-wheel drive vehicles / ATV's / UTV's /  Dirt Bikes / "Buggies" & "Rat Rods" are encouraged to show up and participate. The event takes place on and around  the famous Means Dry Lake off Hwy 247 in the BLM Johnson Valley OHV Area.  Just think "King of the Hammers" but on a small, friendly & local level. So pack up for an off-road camping weekend and join in the fun!

The event is an off road course approximately 15 to 20 miles long and will have an "easy" and a slightly "harder" path (both clearly identified) for you to navigate around to 5 check points. We'll have MBSAR members serve as "rovers" & manning checkpoints to help keep you on course. This is a poker run so you'll play a fun & easy  game at each checkpoint to get a card which will formulate a poker hand. The course takes approximately 4 to 6 hours to complete. We have a trophy and cash for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers with the best hand.  In addition, you'll be given an entry ticket for a drawing held after the event with several dozen quality prizes to be given away. As if that wasn't enough, you'll also have an opportunity to enter into a cash prize drawing ("1/2 & 1/2") that has yielded upwards of $1,200.00 at past Desert Run events! 

You can register at the event on Friday, October 2nd at our Base Camp or you can pre-register online at and get a $5 discount. We have a schedule of events and a Menu for the weekend in a flyer that's available at Also, the flyer will provide you with any other information that you may want to know about the event. Or you can call Renee @ 951-203-6816 or CJ @ 760-401-6708. Thanks for your support of the Morongo Basin Search and Rescue Team and all profits go toward support and training of the Unit!

This event takes many hours of prep beforehand, so if you'd like to give us hand, please reach out to Renee Recker (951/203-6816), CJ Glover (760/401-6708) or Dave Larus (760/567-2471). Your help would be GREATLY appreciated!




Bear Valley SAR Fundraiser



TRBC 2015

The 2015 Technical Rescue Basics Course graduated 13 students. After 6 days of studying anchor systems, mechanical advantage, load calculations, angles, knots, hitches, belay, and patient packaging these students have completed their first step in rope rescue training. Now they are ready to work with their team to continue to hone their skills, and assist the citizens of San Bernardino County and the region.


SAR City 2015

SAR City is coming up October 9-11, 2015. For more information, visit Download the flyer to pass around and post.


Intermediate Tracking Course June 2015

Advance your tracking expertise with an intermediate tracking class in mountainous terrain. You must complete the 8 hour basic tracking first. Check out the flyer for details. 


TRBC 2015

The Technical Rescue Basics Course is coming up in June. Download the flyer for details.


2015 MRA Re-Accreditation

To be a fully accredited member of the Mountain Rescue Association a search and rescue team must pass a test in each of three disciplines: Technical rope rescue, snow and ice rescue, and wilderness search and tracking management that includes an ELT search. To maintain accreditation, each team must pass a re-accreditation test every five years. The California Region of the MRA has chosen to follow a re-accreditation cycle of every three years, so each year California teams test in one of the three disciplines. This year was technical rope rescue, and it was hosted by Sierra Madre Search and Rescue in Joshua Tree National Park. Next year it will be snow and ice, and Inyo County SAR is hosting.

In San Bernardino County there are two fully-accredited SAR teams: West Valley SAR and the Cave Rescue Team. There are two associate member teams who are progressing toward full accreditation. Wrightwood SAR has completed the search and tracking accreditation, and San Bernardino Mountain is preparing for their technical rope rescue accreditation.

My team improved dramatically during our quest toward full MRA accreditation. We firmed up our leadership, honed a few new skills, and became a more effective resource for our region. I highly recommend accepting the challenge. It will be difficult, and time consuming, but you will be better for it. Broadening your SAR involvement with teams throughout the state and country is an inspiring endeavor. You learn that many teams struggle with the same issues, and may have helpful solutions. It is an extrememly helpful network. Also, if you think you are too small, keep in mind that we did it with a roster smaller than 15.


Director's Dialogue December 2015

The new Board of the SAR Council was voted on and named at the last meeting that was held on November 19th. Sheriff’s appointee Frank Kams from West Valley SAR will be our new Council Director starting on January 1, 2015. I wish Frank the best of luck and success and I know myself and all of you will support his efforts.
Wes Podboy, our BSAR Headmaster was elected as the new Assistant Director and Diana Poe from Rim SAR was elect to another term as Treasurer. Joining them, also from Rim SAR, will be Robert Turner as Secretary. He as served the last 2 years as our Bullet Points Chairman and will be a great addition to the team. The last position, Member at Large, will be automatically filled by the outgoing Director… which just happens to be Dave Nicolet from Morongo Basin SAR.
This will be my last Directors Dialogue that I will be sending out, so I would like to thank all of you for your continued support over the last 8 years. Its been fun, productive and an honor to have served in this capacity.
I would like to thank Frank, Diana and Wes for being board members during my terms. Also, to the other members who have served during this time. Ron Pesch, 2 years as Treasurer and 2 years as Secretary. Rich Dexter, 2 years as Assistant Director and Mike Ward as the Member at Large for 6 and a half years. Also serving on the board were Donna Newlin, 2 years as secretary and Christine Stuehrman for the same period of time in that position as well.

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Basic Mountaineering Course is Nov 22-23

The Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) is right around the corner. If you want to take this course, then please contact Volunteer Forces at  909-387-0641 to sign up. This course gives you the skills to safely operate in many alpine environments involving snow and ice. Winter can be a busy SAR season, and the county needs qualified searchers.

When: Sat, Nov 22-23
Where: SB Mountain SAR Shack
Sign up by calling  VFU at 909-387-0641 or emailing BJ Whiteside


BMC Looking for Instructors

We are looking for prospective instructors for the Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC). To apply, you must be currently certified in BMC and have a strong winter outdoor resume. You will be doing presentations in Mountain Travel and Avalanche on the lecture weekend which precedes Thanksgiving. In addition you will participate in the field session which most likely will be in January or February. Please send email indicating interest to: Sonny Lawrence via his email.