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'Twas the Night Before a SAR Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and twenty below, The forecast was calling for 3 feet of snow.
We had all snuggled in to our beds for the night Knowing Santa would leave gifts that we’d find at first light.
We snored and we dreamed until two forty-five That was the time that the phones came alive.
Are you available for a search the caller did ask If so please hurry, we’ll give you a task.

A small child is missing was all we were told It’s unlikely she’ll survive alone in the cold.
The searchers got ready, all grabbing their packs Filled with spare clothes ,water and snacks.
They made their way to the point last seen In hope of finding clues of where the subject had been.
The command post was on-site and search managers too They planned and they mapped, they knew what to do.

Hasty teams were sent to all known walking trails, Search dogs were requested in case all else fails.
The trackers were out, looking for sign With a bit of good luck the child they would find.
The CP had a copy of the Lost Person Behaviour book That told how far she may have traveled and the best places to look.

More searchers were called from a neighboring team With the extra eyes the subject was sure to be seen.
A call came in that some tracks had been found Do we follow the prints or call for a hound?
At last we now have a direction of travel This piece of the puzzle we now can un-ravel.

Teams were re-directed to do some jump tracking We were getting close, we’d better get cracking.
The searchers were now moving at the speed of light They’d bring the wee one home and out of the night.
In the beam of their headlamps they couldn’t see far But there was an old cabin and its door was ajar.
Inside they found her curled up in a ball To the command post they relayed the most wonderful call.
We have her they said, she’s alive and well The news brought the parents back from that living hell.

We’ll stretcher her out the searchers did say Send another team to help light the way.
Have EMS waiting to make sure she’s all right And we’ll have her home before morning light.
The teams had accomplished what they set out to do Located the subject and brought her home too.
No greater gift could have been given that day Then to get back a child that had gone astray.
The searchers had left their homes in the night To help a fellow man and do what was right.
Once at home on that Christmas morn Loved ones were hugged and good will was born.

To receive is nice but it’s better to give, These things we do “so that others may live”.

---Submitted by Pearl Heft. Author Unknown


December BMC Field Session Cancelled

The BMC field date scheduled for December has been cancelled due to lack of snow. Hence the first field date now will be January 9, 10. A second field date of February 20, 21 has been set. Please email Sonny Lawrence at his SBSAR address to reserve a spot on one of those dates.


Knott's Berry Farm Fire and Law Days

As a thank you to all fire and police personnel in our community, Knott’s Berry Farm will offer free theme park admission for fire and law personnel and one guest from November 30 through January 31, 2016,. From November 30, 2015 through January 3, 2016 up to six additional tickets can be purchased for only $30 each. January 4 - 31 up to six additional tickets can be purchased for only $25 each. Fire or law enforcement ID is required.

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First Aid and CPR


BMC 2015


Basic Mountaineering Course Approaches

The Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) schedule is below. The classroom will be held regardless of the weather. However, the field dates are snow dependent.  Students from the last two years are welcome to audit the classroom. Non-San Bernardino county SAR personnel are welcome to apply to be on a waiting list. Contact B.J. Whiteside at Volunteer Forces ((909) 387-0641).

November 21, 22:  Lecture

December 5, 6:  Field #1, preference to students who took BMC over past two years, waiting list for new students from this year

January 9, 10: Field #2 for everyone else 


Personal Vertical Skills


SAR Spotlight

Dave originates from Idaho Falls, Idaho. He has worked in the nuclear, aerospace industries, environmental contractor and in private security. In 2010 Dave decided to hang up the everyday and fully retired.

In 1977 Dave moved to Yucca Valley. After his move to Yucca Valley, Dave made the acquaintance of Jerry Woodring, and as Dave tells it, Jerry started search and rescue in the Morongo Basin. Jerry, a master tracker, in both human and animal tracking made a significant impression on Dave. Jerry became a close friend and mentor to Dave. In 1996 Dave was sworn in as a member of Morongo SAR.

Tracking has been Dave's primary search and rescue interest. "I want to be the best". It was fortunate for Dave to make the acquaintance of his Sgt, Coordinator Darrel Heller. As most of you know Sgt. Heller is considered one of the best trackers in the Sheriff's Dept. Many of you may have had Sgt. Heller as your tracking instructor. With two excellent mentors, Dave solidified and continually improved his tracking tradecraft. In June 2015 Dave was the originator and a primary instructor for the inaugural Intermediate Tracking Class held at the SBCSD Search and Rescue Heart Bar Training facility.

During Dave's many years in search and Rescue he has earned his SAR Tec II certification along with Level 1 reserve in 1997, Post Training Reserve officer, OES- Direction and Control of the Search Function, 2005, other certifications include, Basic Investigative Tracking, CSI Shoe & Tire Impression Interpretation, Commander Morongo Basin 2014, 2015. Morongo Basin Station Volunteer of the Year, 2014. Yucca Valley Community Citizen Award 2014. Drivers Awarness Instructor. Just a side note that this just a partial list of Dave's Awards and accomplishments.

"Thank you San Bernardino County Sheriff's Dept. for all you have done for me and the many members of the various units of Search & Rescue".


BSAR Graduates Ready to Serve

Another Basic Search and Rescue academy class is ready to use their valuable time to serve the citizens of San Bernardino County, and the region. A special thanks to all BSAR instructors who make this possible.



Women Warriors Fitness Event