On the Memorial

The Search for Amber Dubois

Amber Dubois has been missing for 30 days. San Bernardino County SAR was called to assist in the search of an area in Escondido near Mesa Rock Rd and Woodland Heights Rd. In addition to covering our area, we were also called to check a storm drain without a grating. Members of West Valley SAR helped us pull the manhole cover.


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Evidence Search off Hwy 330

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Approximately 13 Type 1 rope personnel were involved in an evidence search as part of a homicide investigation off Hwy 330 on Friday, February 20.

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Daniel Travesio Found After Cold Night Out

It all started with a bum shoulder. Ironically the shoulder was injured during a grueling litter carry in January when a hiker fell and injured his ankle above the Sierra Hut on Baldy. My injured shoulder, and the voice of my physical therapist telling me to lay off carrying a pack for a while, kept me out of the field on Saturday and in the command post. My compatriots in West Valley SAR are excellent search managers, so I don't mind command post duty with them, but I do prefer to be in the field. If you've ever worked in the command post, and I mean work, not just sitting around drinking coffee and jawing about whatever, then you know that the work load is completely out of phase with work in the field. The operational period begins with a frantic assembly of team assignments and filling out the appropriate paperwork all while coordinating team transportation with the intent of getting people in the field quickly. For those going into the field, the wait can be maddening, but it does provide a bit of time to sort gear and prepare for the assignment at hand.

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Missing Skier Found on Baldy Summit

Four teams from West Valley SAR and Sierra Madre SAR searched through the night for a missing skier on Mt. Baldy. Early this morning, San Bernardino County Sheriff's Aviation found the missing person on the summit of Mt. Baldy. The missing person suffered from frostbite, but was otherwise healthy.
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The Rescue of Steven Yang

The Cave & Technical Rescue Team got the call to assist West Valley SAR at approximately 2100 hrs on Sunday, January 4. There was an injured hiker at the Sierra Hut that needed to be evacuated via litter carry. My teammates arrived on scene to find one team with the hiker, and one team heading up the trail. With members of San Bernardino Mountain SAR, Wrightwood, and Valley of the Falls SAR our team of 7 made our way up the hut trail to meet the crew beginning their descent with the patient, Steven Yang of Temple City, CA.

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The Search for Larry Amkraut

Just as we were finishing dinner on Christmas Day, I received a call to assist West Valley SAR in a search for an overdue hiker on Mt. Baldy. Upon arriving at the command post I was assigned to hike the "Hut Trail" to see if our missing hiker was waiting out the storm in the hut. Fortunately the stormy weather broke before my team of 4 entered the field.


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Katz Plane Recovery, Day 2

It’s not everyday you get to sort of “plan ahead” for any sort of search activity. But having known for a week that on Saturday you are going to rappel, ascend, and traverse into a plane wreckage site, you spend some time getting your gear together. I certainly needed to, and was glad I did.

From Katz Site


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Hagner Search (11/2/08)

Mr. Hagner was reported missing by his wife on Saturday evening. Mrs. Hagner had a general idea of where he was headed, and mentioned that he was active in a hiking club that he found online. Mr. Hagner's car was located at the Ice House Canyon trailhead, and West Valley SAR began the search.

From Hagner Search

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Two, Two, Two Rescues in One!

Bill Koelpfer did not return as planned, so while a wildland fire approached Chino Hills, West Valley SAR was called to search for the missing man on November 15. After several hours of searching additional resources were summoned and the search continued into the morning of November 16. Around 10am a 911 call was received from a hiker in the area reporting that she had heard somebody yelling for help near her location on the Icehouse Canyon Trail. A nearby team was redirected to this location and made contact with Mr. Koelpfer confirming that he was the one shouting and was the missing hiker. The hiker suffered no major injuries and was hoisted from his location around 11:30am by Sheriff's Aviation and flown to Cow Canyon Saddle where he was evaluated by paramedics standing by and returned to the command post for a debriefing.

From Koelpfer Search

Around 1300 hours Team 11, who was returning from the field, happened upon a woman hiking near Icehouse Saddle hobbling along on an injured ankle. After a short discussion it was determined that she would require evacuation as well. After a bit of load-lightening, the airship was able to hoist Ms. Martin and return her to Cow Canyon Saddle for evaluation by another set of waiting paramedics. The irony of this situation is that Ms. Martin was the hiker who made the 911 call to report Mr. Koelpfer's yelling for help.

In addition to West Valley SAR, thanks to San Bernardino Mountain (Central) SAR, Rim SAR, West Valley Posse, and the Cave Rescue Team for another successful search and rescue mission.


Another Look at the Jacquet Search

I was contacted at work about 0900 hours on Thursday, September 4, 2008 to deploy with my live-find dog to assist the Department in their search for a missing Forest Falls man. Tony Jacquet was last seen going on a hike with his German Shepherd Dog by neighbors on Monday, September 1, 2008. He was reported missing on Tuesday by one of his neighbors when they noticed his dog coming and going on her own, with no sign of her owner. Their neighbor was last seen walking with his dog east on Valley of the Falls Drive on Monday between 1300 and 1600 hours.

From Jacquet Search


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