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Director's Dialogue October 2009

As promised in the last issue of the Directors Dialogue, September was a very busy month for all of our SAR members and their units.

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Rim SAR Retrieves Missing Hiker on the PCT (9/27/09)

The call came about 1830 Sunday evening that a 67-year-old experienced hiker was missing. He was last seen at the bridge crossing Deep Creek near Splinter’s cabin. He and two companions had planned to hike the Pacific Crest Trail using a car shuttle from Fawnskin to Splinter’s Cabin. He apparently missed the turn-off to the cabin and continued on down the PCT. He was described as wearing a blue bandana, red T-shirt, blue shorts and white running shoes (did I say that his hiking companions were female?) When have you ever had such a complete and accurate description of a hiking ensemble from a male companion? The search planning seemed easy enough the question was how far to extend the coverage, Devil’s Hole, Bradford Ridge Path, the spillway? 40 King was also called the same time as us and was able to locate the subject on the PCT near a bridge. It sounded like it would be the bridge near Devil’s Hole but the possibility of the bridge beyond the Hot Springs was a possibility also. When 40 King mentioned that there was a road near him the Devil’s Hole location seemed the best.

The subject was advised to stay put and that help would be on the way. The team sent to Devil’s Hole found the subject in about 5 minutes with the report that the subject decided not to stay put. It did make the search quicker but we were glad that he didn’t get passed the road and heading all the way back to Splinter’s Cabin. This is the second call out this year in the same location and for the same reason. Seems like a sign indicating the way to Splinter’s Cabin might be helpful.


PVS, BRT, and Land Nav 9/12/2009

The initial plan for the weekend was to complete our Personal Vertical Skills (PVS) and Basic Rope Technician (BRT) check-offs on Saturday and complete a land navigation exercise on Sunday. We thought that we were going to have additional SAR members from other teams coming to the check-off so we rigged a boat-load of ropes.

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Mud Run Info for Volunteers

Parking: Park your car at Glen Helen North Training Facility - See Attached Map.  This is the site where BSAR is held.  You will be transported to the CP from this location.  You Must be at the parking lot by 0515. 

Uniform : Standard unit uniform.

Refresehments: Coffee and breakfast pastries will be provided.  Water will be provided but consider bringing a couple of extra bottle with you in a small ice chest.

Dave Nicolet, Director
San Bernardino County Sheriff Department'sInland Empire Search and Rescue Council


Dan's Big Day

Bob Gattas, Dave Bullock, and I decided to drop in on Dan's wedding reception. The caper also included help from my sister, Jennifer, her daughters Morgan and Kayley, and my daughter, Grace. Below are a few highlights of our adventure in graphic novel format.

First, it was a bit of a challenge to accurately time our entrance.

We showed up, just as the happy couple were making the rounds,

We even brought our own props,

They even tolerated a photo with us,

 Dan, we wish you and Megan the best!


2009 Legislative Changes to Liability for Good Samaritans

In August the legislature passed, and the governor signed into law, two measures in response to the Supreme Court ruling in Van Horn v. Watson. The court chose a narrow interpretation affording liability protection only to medical assistance. Due to fears that laypeople or volunteers would be reluctant to render aid, the legislature passed these measures to firm up the law surrounding good samaritans, and their assumed liability. Now, it seems, that only egregious gross negligence will get you into legal trouble. Click the link below to read the actual document from CalEMA.

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Director's Dialogue September 2009

The Oak Glen and Pendleton Fires kept some of your units busy for a couple of days. East Valley Posse, West Valley Posse, Morongo Mounted SAR, Morongo SAR and San G responded to the call that went out on Sunday August 30th. Thank goodness that these fires were not as big as some of the others that have been occurring around the state in the last couple of weeks.

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Fire Information

Information on the Oak Glen fire can be found at

Information on the Station Fire can be found at


7th Annual Night at the Improv

San Bernardino Mountain SAR is hosting their annual fundraiser on Thursday, October 8, 2009 at the Ontario Improv. Read the flyer at for more information.


Mud Run September 12, 2009

DATE: August 22, 2009
FROM: Dave Nicolet, Director
TO: All SAR Personnel
SUBJECT: Mud Run – September 12, 2009

The Mud Run Committee needs our help. Deputy Marion Brown of Volunteer Forces, who is on the committee, is in charge of volunteers for this event. She needs some volunteers to help out.

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