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2013-2014 Basic Mountaineering Course Coming Up Soon

Our 2013-14 Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) is just a few weeks away, and while it is just an introductory course, we are going to cover a lot of material in our four days together.  Approximately one-half of the course focuses on the subject of avalanches.  To help prepare you for this course and ensure that your learning experience is both efficient and effective, we ask that you complete an online Avalanche Awareness tutorial available through the Forest Service's National Avalanche Center prior to coming to the first day of class on November 23rd.  The online tutorial takes 15-20 minutes to complete.  To complete the online tutorial, please visit the Forest Service Avalanche Awareness website.

Finally, while it is not a required, we strongly encourage you to complete another tutorial available on the website entitled "THE SKILLS".  This tutorial can be accessed here.  In particular, we suggest that you complete the following topics:

  1. Analyze Snow Stability
  2. Identify Red Flags
  3. Perform a Beacon Search
  4. Conduct a Rescue
  5. Probing and Digging
  6. Tools
See you all at our upcoming class.

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